Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 days in Andalusia

After my vacation in Spain i`m back at my blog to report about the best boutique hotels we stayed and some places to eat in Andalusia. During this trip we try to avoid the crowded touristic places and searched for the most authentic spanish lifestyle and environment.

We loved: the spanish way of life, tapas, historical centers, narrow streets, pueblo blancos, the quiet inland.

We hated: the tasteless new build, the overkilled use of concrete, the mess in some places, no vision of cityplanners.
We started our trip in Seville and stayed in the AC Ciudad hotel nearby the citycenter. We explored the city with the bikes of the SEvici bike project, the best way of sightseeing, we think.
The best traditional tapas we (ever) eated at Enrique Becerra.
After Seville we hired a car. Our next city we visited was Cordoba. In the beautiful historic center we stayed in the fantastic hotel we really recommend: Palicio del Bailo.
This authentic hotel exceeded all our expectations. We hope to stay in this hotel again in the future.... The rooms were very tastfull and refined designed....
The garden with the swimming pool, looks like paradise....
We loved the labyrinth of the narrow streets in Cordoba and discover hided squares.Our next city stop was Jerez de la Frontera, the sherry city, were old times past by. We stayed in the Casa Grande hotel, run by the most helpfull and sweet lady Monika Schröder. She makes your stay as pleasant as possible.

Our last stop was Tarifa, the surfing paradise because of the high waves and hard wind. The atmosphere felted energentic with some artistic gleam. Old hippies seems to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle.

Here we stayed in hotel El Escondite del Viento. Beautiful designed with the most famous classic design. The best traditional tapas we eated at El Pasillo.

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