Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner

The Spanish manufacturer ABR is going to present this well proportioned and carefully processed coffee table by the young German designer Sebastian Herkner. The table serves as a small side table or coffee table. Due to a collage of brass and mouthblown tinted glass it has an interesting appearance and distictive identity. The play with mass and transparency as well as the lightweight and fragile glass base contrasting the solid brass top element represents an alternative to conventional table designs. Both table elements are put together flush thus forming a single unit. The special combination of materials is merged together as the materials mutually reflect each other.


dana | yellowtrace blog said...

i am glad you like this table and i would also appreciate if you could acknowledge the original source for this post.
thank you.

About said...

Hi dana,

The original information (source) is the Sebastian Herkner site.