Friday, July 16, 2010

Wallpaper Handmade: The products

For the Handmade issue, Wallpaper commissioned their favourite designers, artists, craftsmen, makers and manufacturers to create unique furniture, fittings, food stuffs, fashions and more. Here are the best fruits of their labour I`ve selected I really like.
Watering can, by Barber Osgerby.
Travel cocktail set, by Miranda Watkins and Wentworth.
Standing mirror, by Kiki van Eijk and Venice Projects.

Blanket, by Eleanor Pritchard.

‘Pacchettino’ pillow and blanket, by Doshi Levien, Hospes and Moroso.

Picnic cutlery set by Minimalux.

'Ö' jewellery boxes, by Mark Braun and Lichte Porzellan.

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