Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tablecloth Table-palette by Kiki van Eijk

Nice new drop, tablecloth Table-Palette part of the Totale Table Design project by Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk. She exhibited a table laid with new pieces she has created for Dutch glassware company Royal Leerdam Crystal, cutlery manufacturers Koninklijke Van Kempen and the tablecloth for the Audax Textile Museum Tilburg. The installation included table linen based on a series of sketches and water-colours of fish, plants and vegetables by van Eijk, stainless steel cutlery with scalloped handles, a series of glassware and a collection of crockery with raised imagery applied to the surface. Kiki van Eijk’s design Table-Palette seems to sympathise with the idea of ’slow food’. Her sketches and water-colours, which are the basis for her designs, show beetroot and carrot, fish and poultry as well as tableware with round, bulging forms. The warm, earthy tones of table linen and crockery like caramel, ochre and sienna red arouse a feeling of homeliness, sharing diner and conversation. Photos by Frank Tielemans.

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