Friday, December 3, 2010


DIPINTA DI BLU CHAIR by Marco Papa for Adele-C. Cassina is one of the most important name of italian design.Adele-C is the project of an artist based on the history of Adele Cassina, the inheritor of an important entrepreneurial tradition that has made its mark in the world of Design. In 2007 Adele met Marco Papa who, as in a portrait, interpreted her intentions and recounted her history through Zarina, the child-size padded armchair made by Cesare Cassina himself and given to his daughter as a Christmas present in 1944. Always interested in the emotional value of objects as well as in their narrative potential, Marco Papa turned Zarina into the very center of the company's communication strategy (Zarina Anno Zero) and into the iconic product of the Adele-C collection. After this operation which has the symbolic value of a changing in contemporary design parameters, Marco Papa renews the dialogue between artistic and industrial production, involving also other artists in the design of new products for the Adele-C collection. Via Polkadot.

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