Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hair Cradle by Culdesac & Studio Marisol

Hair Cradle by Valentin Garal, Culdesac™ and Studio Marisol. Hair Cradle is totally handcrafted, using oak wood that comes from the old mill of a French domain. The blond hair braids have been sewed using vegetable fibers and give a totally ethereal effect to the cradle, as if it was taken out of an old fairy tale. As Valentin Garal explains, the Hair Cradle tries to transform the vision of luxury and the idea we have about old-fashioned objects by producing a high quality, useful, and poetic product. The hair Cradle stands between art and design, between dream and reality, proving that imagination is the perfect guide in order to revisit established concepts. Hair is something vivid after all and in our eyes it symbolizes perfectly lust for life. Via Yatzer.

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