Saturday, December 31, 2011

Susanne Klemm's Sweethearts

Sweethearts by talented Dutch jeweler Susanne Klemm. Known of the Embrace ring available in our online store. For this mini selling- exhibition, Moss is presenting a series of Klemm’s Sweetheart rings from the Red Light Collection. The rings, made of agate cameo and epoxy, come in a wide range of colors and combine the romanticism of cameo jewelry with the boldness of pop art. The cameo work, created through the use of a mold and layered and engraved by an ultrasonic machine and then transferred onto epoxy, was done in a small workshop in East Germany. The rings are conversation pieces, voluptuous like a woman’s curves and bright like their personalities. Via Objects no paintings.

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Anonymous said...

Its different collection rings i found amazing art! keep it up.
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